Grand Theft Auto On the iPhone Will Be Wonderfully Old School

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The good news: Rockstar Games is bringing an installment of Grand Theft Auto to the iPhone. The possibly good, possibly terrible news, depending on your tastes: It's going to be a top-down affair. iPhone-owning GTA fans of various vintages, fight!

Devising a decent control scheme for a GTA3-style third-person on the iPhone sounds laughably hard, so I see the fact that GTA: Chinatown Wars will be a top-down shooter, a la the original 90s crime simulators we all fell in love with back in the late 90s, as a good thing. Plus, the DS version of this same game was pretty great, aside from the terrible graphics. The forthcoming PSP version, pictured above, looks way better, as should the iPhone's (no screens yet, oddly enough), which is due in "fall." [Rockstar Games]