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Gravity Falls Is Back August 1 With Lots To Look Forward To

Illustration for article titled emGravity Falls/em Is Back August 1 With Lots To Look Forward To

Disney's answer to the likes of Adventure Time and The Regular Show returns at the beginning of August for its second season. The new season will give the cast plenty to do, with new creatures to combat and plenty of weird stuff going on in the Mystery Shack. Specifically, Dipper and Mabel will continue unraveling the secret of Journal #3's author, while Stan works on an invention which will change everything.


There's plenty of guest stars this time around, too, including Mark Hamill and Patton Oswald. Also be sure to keep an eye out for pieces a secret puzzle-code that hidden in each episode's credits.

Aside from the first episode, most will air originally on Disney XD before being re-run on the Disney Channel. And in case you managed to miss this charming odd-ball of a family in their first season, there's a marathon of every episode from July 26 to the 27th.


[via AWN]

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