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Greatest Fast Food Invention Yet: Col-Pop Holds Your Soda and Your Chicken Nuggets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This has to be the best thing in fast food convenience since the freakin' straw: A cup that holds your chicken nuggets AND your soda. Nuggets on top, soda on bottom—hand to nugget, straw to face. AT THE SAME TIME. Amazing.


Adam's vivisection of the Col-Pop shows that the material between the pops and the pop is a thin membrane, but he doesn't comment on the effectiveness of keeping the two separate. I mean, the obvious problem with this triumph of science over nature is that piping-hot chicken nuggets will water your Dr. Pepper down to Diet Coke-like consistency, while cold soda will turn your steaming nuggets into tough, lukewarm chunks of breaded styrofoam. The chain offering this plastic marvel, BBQ Chicken, has locations in NY, NJ and NC—can any Giz readers offer a review?

Update: Adam goes diving a little deeper for us, revealing that pokey eaters will indeed be dealing with some soggy chicken, especially on a hot day. Check it:


That said, I sooo hope Chik-fil-A is on this thing, pronto. [Serious Eats via BBG]