Greenhouse FM Transmitter for Second Generation iPod nano

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Greenhouse has come out with a titchy FM transmitter for the second-generation iPod nano. The GH-FTC-IPOD2N comes with the longest name ever and weighs just 0.35 ounces (10 grams). Available in five colors, it also comes with its own car charger. It costs $30 in Japan now, but given the iPod craze, it won't be long before it hits the world like a son-of-Godzilla Nano.


Green House, the Transmitter for Second-Generation iPod Nano [PC Watch]

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It's a good idea, but if they made it an HD radio that would be really sweet. HD radio is free and most stations in the US have a mirror of the FM station in hd on a frequency in-between stations. It's CD quality. Japan is always getting the toys first because they make them over there. The US needs to come up with some sick new toy, then give every one lives near a border or a coast one, so other countries could all sail by and say hey, that thing your playing with is awesome can we have one. We could say, maybe it will get to your country in a few months, after we're board of it.