Grenade Mouse: If Rambo Used a Computer

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This is the most hardass mouse I've ever seen. It's a mouse stuffed inside of an actual grenade shell (that's sadly plastic, I was a little overexcited after watching Rambo the other night). Sure, it's a crappy Targus mouse lurking underneath its rippled casing. And you know it's goddamn uncomfortable. But that's part of the point. When your pasty, sweaty hand is gripping this instrument of death turned into a cuddly gadget, enduring the minor misery in your lower arm caused its frankly horrifying ergonomics, you'll feel like a badass. You totally won't be, but for that brief second, it's not like anyone could tell you any differently. Except for you know, Rambo, who would punch your heart out. [ via technabob]



These types of grenades are no longer used. I don't even think they're produced anymore. This is the body of what I think was called the vietnam era pineapple grenade.

Modern U.S. grenades are small and round. I doubt this came from an actual grenade, since grenades are made out of thick metal and would make using it as a mouse body very uncomfortable.