Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case Reviewed (Verdict: Who Do You Believe?)

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Griffin's new ClearBoost case promises protection and a cellular signal boost for the iPhone, but does it deliver on those promises? Well, that would depend on who you believe. iLounge claims that the signal boost works, but not under the weakest signal conditions. Crunchgear, on the other hand, called the signal booster "one of the greatest scams perpetrated on mankind since the Kennedy assassination." Hmm...strong words. However, both agreed that the case itself was decent, so at least you have that for your $30. UPDATE: It appears that Crunchgear's review was done using a hacked iPhone on T-Mobile, which would account for the problems. Griffin tells us the ClearBoost was made for AT&T's network. [iLounge and Crunchgear]


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@sergio_e: No Apple didn't but Jobs & Co. started all this i-insanity.... enough is enough all ready. Like Nutbastard said... the crap is crossing over into places it shouldn't. when did lower case i's become the marketing tool of choice.. Now I even despise the color white. I need a drink....Kool-Aid anyone...

In other news... there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Califonia village resort Jobstown... (Mr. Jobs its Mr. Jones on line 1 again)