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Griffin Makes Non-Apple Cases Too, Y'Know

Illustration for article titled Griffin Makes Non-Apple Cases Too, YKnow

I suppose it makes more financial sense for the third-party accessories ecosystem to churn out Apple cases and ignore the rest, but it's good to see Griffin recognize another tablet: the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It was beginning to feel left-out!


Griffin's no-frills Elan Passport case costs $30, and has inner pockets for credit cards and papers. It kind of reminds me of the Amazon Kindle case, and that's no bad comparison to make—especially not when Samsung's own accessories for the Galaxy Tab aren't the most attractive koalas in the tree. [Griffin]

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This is Giz's second post in less than a day that just seems like an advertisement for Griffin. I mean, there's not a lot here to make it worthy of a post, and there especially wasn't with the FM transmitter earlier.

I'm not normally one for conspiracy, or to get flustered by such things, but did you guys strike some kind of deal with Griffin?

I mean, how stupid do you think we really are, that we wouldn't notice this?