Think you know your geography? Think you know what a country looks like? What if you were dropped in the middle of no where and had to figure out where you were? That's what GeoGuessr is. It's an insanely fun game that gives you an image from Google Street View and asks you to point out where you are on Earth. It's pretty hard.

My first instinct is to look at the street signs to try and figure out what language we're dealing with. But the problem is if it's in English or Spanish, I could still be on the opposite corners of the world. Then you look for more clues: which way are the cars going, what kind of advertisements am I looking at, is there a body of water, what kind of people make up this place and so on. It's endlessly fascinating—like playing detective for a few minutes or waking up with amnesia and trying to piece back your life.


Created by Anton Wallén, GeoGuessr is a game where you're shown five different places in the world and have to plot out where you think you are on a map. The closer you are, the more points you get. The farther away you are, the less points (and the added feeling of being dumb). It's addicting. Play here. [GeoGuessr]

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