Guinness-Record Movie Marathon Starts Now, Ends When Everyone's Asleep

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Today in a glass-walled room in New York's Time Square, Netflix gathered six of the world's brightest talents in the field of sitting on ass and watching movies. The goal was to break the current Guinness continuous-movie-watching world record of 120 hours 23 minutes. They can eat, drink and stretch as long as they don't take their eyes off the screen, and there's a 10-min potty break between features, but other than that, it's about staying alert. Make no mistake. In spite of their matching Netflix bowling jackets, this ain't no relay race. These people are out to crush each other—CRUSH!—by staring at a large plasma screen the longest. Here's how it looks on Day One: Reigning movie marathoner Ashish Sharma claims he will retain the title for India, but he's a little cocky since he only stole that title in June from Germany's Claudia Wavra, a three-time champ in her own right. Suresh Joachim has a Heroes-sounding name and with good reason: He's got 32 damn Guinness World Records, including TV watching, dancing, DJing and ironing clothes. Other contenders (with maybe less of a shot) include 2003 continuous-movie-watching contender Cheryl Jones, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire champ (but non-millionaire) Jeff Jones and film lover and competitive eating champion Crazy Legs Conti. While I am genuinely excited for these couch-bound sojourners, I am a little leery of the film choices. First they saw Iron Man, then Best in Show and then Ghostbusters, great. But by now they're probably midway through The English Patient. WHAT? Is there a rule that says some movies have to deliberately try to put them to sleep? Going to romantic tragic period piece this early is a bad sign, especially if that's it for the superhero, mockumentary and supernatural action-comedy genres. I will pray for you people—pray for some Batman. [Gothamist; Netflix]



120 HOurs + for current record ... damn! That's 5 days straight of watching TV.

Can they take 5-10 min power naps during snoozers like the english patient ? hehe. I guess this is perfect for people who can sleep with their eyes open.