Guitar Hero Auto-Whammy Mod is a Shortcut To Stardom

Illustration for article titled Guitar Hero Auto-Whammy Mod is a Shortcut To Stardom

Guitar Hero players know that working that whammy bar is a good way to rack up star power during extended white notes, but it can be tough to switch from strumming to whammying during a solo. This guitar mod, which takes a little bit of circuitry know-how, allows you to auto-whammy—making the bar just a decorational stick. The result is a higher score and a smugness that you can only get from cheating at video games. [Gogglemarks via MAKE]


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@izim1 & sqeakytoy of the apocalypse: You, my friends, are simply retarded. Some people are just interested in playing a game and having fun, ever think of that? Maybe we don't spend every single waking moment thinking, "What can I do to get chicks to bang me?" Maybe we're just looking for something fun to do at parties. You might as well tell DDR players to go learn to dance for real, or go to karaoke night at your local bar and scream at everybody to take singing lessons. You not only miss the point, you are insanely obstinate in doing so.

And I'll never take up a real guitar if it means I turn into an asshole like you.