Gundam Wing Is Finally Coming to Blu-ray in the US

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In the wider Mobile Suit Gundam fandom, Gundam Wing isn’t regarded as the cream of the Gundam crop—but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many, as the series that introduced one of Japan’s most iconic Real Robot franchises to the West. And now, finally, it’s going to be made available on Blu-ray in the US for the first time.


While Japanese Blu-rays of the series—which follows the far-future-set missions of five young soldiers from different human space colonies, dispatched to the planet in high-tech mech suits to wage a guerrilla war against the harsh ruling powers of the Earth’s empire— have been available for a while, they’re expensive to import to the US. So the news that Right Stuff is bringing the series out again on both DVD and Blu-ray is definitely welcome for fans who want easier access to the series, especially in a full HD format.

The new home release will also include new bonus material in the form of a Q&A with Hikaru Midorikawa, who voiced main protagonist Heero Yuy; series director Masashi Ikeda; writer Katsuyuki Sumisawa; producer Hideyuki Tomioka; and character designer Shuko Murase. You can even submit questions for the release online.

Aside from the fact that this is the first time Wing is available in this format in the US, and the series’ special place in the wider franchise history outside of Japan, it’s awesome to be able to relive this series again in HD. Wing was a Gundam show that got real crazy, real fast, mainly thanks to the fact that its “heroes”—Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei—were all super messed up characters, mainly because they were child soldiers who only know how to murder the living daylights out of their enemies. Heck, Duo was the closest one to being a well adjusted individual there was, and he ran around in a giant robot with a rad beam scythe while screaming that he was the god of death. Not a single one of them had any right to be even remotely near the controls of giant super advanced robots, and yet they all were, and it was awesome.

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The Constable

Gundam Wing is a show where the future of warfare is brainwashed 15 year olds piloting bright 60 foot robots.

Gundam Wing is a show where the core romance starts off with the protagonist threatening to murder a girl who saw him fail to commit suicide after falling from space and she’s cool with that.

Gundam Wing is a show where a woman with multiple personalities executed a guy by tossing him from an airplane and also shooting him midair just in case.

Gundam Wing is a show where some of the robots are so tough to pilot that it drives the pilot crazy for reasons.

Gundam Wing is a show where drone warfare is basically debated not because of ethical quandaries but because there is no honor when humans aren’t the soldiers fighting or whatever.

Gundam Wing is a show where after various military and para-military groups dissolve and form and reform over the course of a year, everyone decides to destroy all weapons and be peaceful instead of colony dropping Earth for space liberation.

Gundam Wing is a show where I remember these insane things off the top of my head 17 years later, and still know that I’m only scratching the surface of how insane it was and how 15 year old me was like, “Right, this make sense.”