Guy Demands to Be Arrested for Ripping His Own DVDs

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In Denmark it's legal to make backup copies of your DVDs, but illegal to break the DRM that prevents copying them. This annoyed a guy so much that he decided to turn himself in for ripping his own DVD collection


At first thought, Henrik Anderson seems crazy for doing something like this, but he's actually attempting to force clarification of the contradicting laws by bringing them in front of a court. He's doing this after his attempts to contact the Danish anti-piracy Antipiratgruppen, their lawyers, and the Association of Danish Video Distributors and discuss the issue were blown off, so he's definitely not just randomly deciding on an extreme approach.

So far no actual arrest has been made, so we'll have to wait to see how the whole thing plays out. Either way, Anderson's protesting an entirely paradoxical set of laws in a pretty ballsy way. [Torrent Freak via Boing Boing]


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