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Stolen goods recovered with technology playing off the perpetrator's stupidity often require some fancy network footwork, but a student who found his stolen Xbox 360 using its wireless controller shows just how dumb thieves are.


Like the PS3 recovered by tracking it down over the PSN network—but more stupidurrrrr—the moron who yanked this Missouri State student's Xbox 360 failed to be completely thorough in his crime, even though he absconded with his illicit prize just 30 feet away from the scene.

He left an Xbox 360 controller behind, and when the victim flicked it on, he noticed it was still connected the console, meaning it couldn't be far. Through the process of elimination, moving from floor to floor and then room to room, he was able to pinpoint exactly where his Xbox 360 had vanished to. A resident assistant then opened the room, where the victim proved it was his Xbox by turning it off and on with his controller.

Unfortunately for the victim, the criminal was just smart enough to be dangerous—he already erased the hard drive. [The Standard Online via DailyTech]

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