Guy Gets Magnets Implanted in His Arm To Hold His iPod, Forgets There's a New Design Every Year

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The touchscreen-equipped iPod Nano spawned a multitude of straps and cases letting users wear it like a watch. But none are as creative, or downright creepy, as this body piercing artist who had four magnets implanted in his arm to hold it in place.

We applaud Dave Hurban's originality, as we would have never thought of drilling into our arm and plugging the holes with four magnets to keep the Nano literally close at hand. But we can't help but feel that he maybe overlooked the possibility that Apple might update the Nano's design one day? Like it's been known to do... nearly every single year. And even a small reduction of its form factor could mean Dave's implants are no longer in the right positions.

So while the rest of the world anxiously waits to hear what new products Apple announces, we suspect Dave might be secretly hoping they leave the Nano the way it is for at least another year. [Kaleidoscope Kreative via You Bent My Wookie]