Hacking Lunchables with an Iron, Blow Dryer and Heater Is Resourcefully Tasty

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Pizza blog Slice was curious to see if childhood favorite Lunchables Pizza, could be hacked into something more magnificent and um, more pizza-like so they heated up the cracker, cheese and sauce concoction with an iron, blow dryer and a heater.

Which is best? According to Slice, the iron does well at melting cheese and keeping the crust moist but there's too much cheese loss in the process. Blow drying offers a lot of control on cheese meltage but is tiring and while using a heater creates the most uniformly delicious Lunchables pizza, it isn't exactly desirable in certain months of the year. So is there no hackable solution? Of course not!

Slice wised up and used a combo cooking method of a blow dryer (for the cheese) and an iron (for the crust) to create the "pizza" you see above. Even if you stick your nose in the air to Lunchables, remember that you can use these methods to re-heat your regular pizza if you ever find yourself in a hotel room without an oven or microwave. Read the full Lunchables hacking experiment on Slice. [Slice]