Haleron iLet Mini HAL Is a Modest Tablet With a Modest Price

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If the iPad seems extravagant and the JooJoo's sordid past turns you off, the 7" Mini HAL might be up your alley. It's no powerhouse, but at least you'll be able to say you own a tablet. Updated. Scam alert!


The 600MHz VIA CPU isn't blazing fast and the 7" touch screen isn't luxuriously wide. The 2GB of flash memory isn't great. The Android 1.6 OS isn't ideal.

But if you just want a tablet without all the bells and whistles for doing some surfing from the couch or reading some documents in bed, the HAL seems like a fine option, especially considering the $199 price tag.

And anyway, the storage is expandable via SD card and the OS is upgradable. It has Wi-Fi, 128MB of RAM, a USB port, and claims a 16 hour battery life. Best of all, Haleron says it's shipping the HAL on March 1st. So, if only for a few weeks, you can be the first of your friends to be officially on the tablet bandwagon. [Haleron via Ubergizmo]

Update: Hold the phone! A commenter going by "Brad" over at Pocketables has done some sleuthing and it seems like things aren't quite adding up with Haleron. Here's what he had to say:

In an attempt to verify Haleron a month or two ago, I tracked the iLet design back to a french company which has an active forum. They in fact do sell the design to be remanufactured abroad. I inquired if they had licensed to Haleron, and received a solid NO.

If you look at the whois on the haleron domain, it is registered to a shipping district office in Miami Fl. Google the CEO's name and you get several other failed companies, and a business bankruptcy filing in Colorado.

Based on my research, I believe the company is a scam.

Fishy indeed. Here's Brad again, in a second comment:

the french company is eviGroup and their devices have several real reviews... and sorry, the whois is connected to an apartment building in Savannah GA.

It was another website that directs to haleron that was registered to a miami ship hole. Offices in Columbia and Ecuador? Pu-lease.

After some checking up, I'm inclined to agree with Brad; I can't find anything that makes me think that Haleron is a legitimate organization. If anyone has any further info either way send it along in an e-mail or post it in the comments.


I like it, it looks good, this would make a great portfolio for a multimedia designer or a photographer. In the meantime it would make a decent 'on the bus' device to watch vids, play games, or compose some emails. At home, it could be used in the kitchen or on the couch for surfing.

Sure 2 gigs isn't a lot, but SD is cheap and most of us have some old 2 gig or better cards lying around. For $200 bucks you get pretty much any app (in a basic way) you want. It's small enough to lug around too. And if that battery life is even half true...

They said on their page the OS is upgradable, it runs Android, so there's a tonne of apps out there already. It's not an iPad competitor, it's more like a lower end touch competitor, and kinda/sorta like the two devices in the video, the ALBUM, which is just a no frill battery powered photo viewer and the Czech made DigitalFoci, (stupid name) which handles a huge variety of media. I like the power of the DF but the look of the ALBUM. Can't we get both?

I am thinking about getting something I can use as a multimedia portfolio, in r the under $300 range. Any suggestions?