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If you're into the app game even a little bit, you probably have something for fancying up the photos you take with your phone. There's a wealth of options. But Halftone does something a bit different—it dresses your photos up as surprisingly faithful reproductions of comic strips of yore.

What is it?

Halftone, $1, iPhone. It's aim is straightfoward: make your photos look like comics. You can import one from your photo roll or snap one in the app. From there, you can control the type of paper—all a bit weathered and crumpled, natch—the size of the ink dots, and the caption composition, fonts, and texts. It ends up looking quite nice.


Who's it good for?

People who long for the days when they weren't reading the latest Spider-man on their iPad; fans of smartphone photo effects; superheroes in disguise.

Why's it better than alternatives?

It does what it sets out to do quite well. Both the newsprint effect and the ability to edit the text of the panel's captions are unique and well-executed.


How could it be even better?

It's pretty solid as is. It'd be cool if you could stitch multiple panels together to create a one page comic strip—that'd be pretty awesome on the iPad—and having some more control over the appearance of the captions would be nice. Maybe some positionable bubbles for sound effects? POW.


Halftone | iTunes

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