Hallelujah: The iPhone Gets AT&T MicroCell Support

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If there's any phone in the whole world coupled with any service in the whole world that could benefit from femtocell technology, it's the iPhone on AT&T. Luckily, the iPhone has received an update.


Through an iTunes "carrier update" last Friday, the iPhone has been made compatible with AT&T's upcoming MicroCell—well, a .png file was added to signal MicroCell connectivity. The MicroCell is essentially a mini 3G tower for your home (connecting through your internet connection) that boosts your reception like a Wi-Fi router. And like we said, as much as we love the iPhone, it's pretty much the poster child for femtocell technology. [The iPhone Blog]

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scratched cornea

so does this mean that att will give me a discount for powering a small antenna for them? something that shouldn't be required because of their great signal (being sarcastic)