Handheld Spots and Tickets Cellphone-yapping Drivers

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Nothing's worst than driving behind some moron whose car is swerving 'cause they're on their cellphone (especially where it's illegal). In an attempt to end that, the Highway Safety & Technology company has created a new handheld that can automatically detect and ticket drivers who are yapping (or even worst, texting) on their cellie. The system is being used in Europe now and is expected to come to the States this fall. I don't drive enough to appreciate this, but I'm sure some of you out there will.


Product Page [via Wireless Info]
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It is illegal in DC so far.

Anyways, I really just posted to say that Giant is my favorite Grocery store of all time.



the worst is on the east side of the beltway! People talk on the phone in the left lane and slow down to 30mph on the curves because they don't realize that all the turns are banked...isn't physics mandatory in highschool? WTF!?