Hands-In the Virtual Hole: Sex Gets Even More Awkward (NSFW)

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In the rapidly developing area of teledildonics, a variety of Japanese electronics companies are stepping forward to make sure your sex life remains a source of shame and humiliation.

The Virtual Hole is a similar design to something we've seen before. When attached to a Mac Miniesque Virtual Module A/V pass-through (pictured below), the self-explanatory base unit can sync to specially encoded DVDs for a more...interactive experience. When hooked to a computer, that Virtual Module can connect a touch-sensitive dildo to the Hole over the internet.


I braved sticking my hand into the same sleeve you'll find inside the Hole. As a middle aged Japanese man massaged the attached dildo, I felt a slightly corresponding localized vibration up and down my palm. I know what you're thinking: Some guy I didn't even know was here massaging my hand in public—how awkward!

Well, it was awkward. But the fun doesn't stop there, friends.

I adorned a pair of active shutter glasses to watch a 3D video stream of the AVN show floor (not as sexy as it sounds - basically more middle aged dudes, many of them with mutton chops and sucked in beer bellies) while my hand was getting a half-assed once over. Boy oh boy is the future going to be awesome.