Hands-On: Adobe Messenger Bag

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Adobe sent us one of its limited-edition leather messenger bags ($250) we told you about a couple of weeks ago for testing, and we tried fitting a variety of laptops inside. The 17-inch MacBook Pro barely fits (almost needs to be lubed up), a 15-inch MacBook Pro fits pretty well, a 15.2-inch Dell Mobile Precision Workstation M70 hardly fits, and a 12-inch Dell X1 slides in beautifully. All were offered super-cushioned protection in this roomy and handsome messenger bag.


The bag itself is made out of high-quality leather that feels and smells great, and it has lots of convenient pockets inside, including perfect placement for iPod cables. The downside is its weird bungee-cord-connected clasp, which is difficult to latch especially when the bag is full. We also didn't care for its carrying handle on top, which is for some reason offset toward the back of the bag. We really liked the cushy-padded shoulder strap and the overall good looks of this bag jointly designed by Adobe and a design group known as Medium. Overall, it's a qualified thumbs-up. The worst news? It looks like it's sold out—it's no longer available on the Adobe website.

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