Hands-On: Phubby Wristband iPhone Holder

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Some people like to use those armband gadget holders that hit about bicep level. But what if you love your iPhone so much, you want it to feel your heart beating? You need a wristband holder. Thanks, Phubby.

Phubby (a combination of phone and cubby) doesn't necessarily have to be used with an iPhone, but it's exactly the right size and shape for one, and all of their press photos feature the iPhone, so, you know.


How does it work? Pretty awkward, which is exactly what you'd expect. It's odd to have a weighted object on your wrist, and running a headphone cable from your wrist to your ears is just asking for a trip to Tangle City, with a stop off at Earbuds Popping Out of Your Ears When You Reach for the Doorknobville. On the plus side, you totally can use the iPhone while it's in the Phubby (phub phub phub), since its cover is mesh, and it's super cheap at $13. Verdict? It works, but I can't think of why you'd go for a wristband over an armband. [Phubby]