Hands-On: PixelClean LCD Screen Cleaning Kit

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PixelClean claims to be a special LCD screen cleaning solution, where $19.95 gets you 5 ounces of the stuff, along with a couple of microfiber polishing cloths and four towelettes. We put the liquid to the test, cleaning a variety of really smudged-up screens and comparing PixelClean's cleaning power to everyday Windex and even tap water. Our conclusion? It's nothing special. Use Windex or tap water—they both do the job just as well.

We were impressed with the microfiber cleaning cloths included in the PixelClean Deluxe Screen Cleaning Kit, and for a while thought maybe they were responsible for getting the screen so clean even with water and Windex. But then we tried using a paper towel with water, Windex and PixelClean, and the screen got just as clean with that, too. Then it dawned on us: it's easy to clean an LCD screen, no matter what you use. So save your money—we're calling bullshit on PixelClean. $19.95 is a ridiculous price for such a thing. Doing some quick math, the stuff costs $1.99 per ounce, more expensive than Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, a relative bargain at $1.59 an ounce. Full review after the jump.

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