Hands On: Proporta iPod Crystal Case (Verdict: The Right Stuff)

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Proporta sent me their iPod mini crystal case and I was anxious to try it out as I haven't found a good case for my mini yet. It's made from durable polycarbonate plastic so it won't break, shatter, scratch, or die for the most part. I dropped my mini once and the screen is a bit messed up from that, so I wanted to make sure it would protect my mini well. I chucked it as hard as I could into the street 5 times and not a dent, scratch, or mark. Proporta does their cases right as far as damage control goes. The controls are accessible and the iPod fits snug into the case. My only gripe is the headphone port is too tight. My big, expensive headphones won't fit into the port so I have to leave the top latch open. Other then that, this case is made like a case should be made. Retails for 11.95 and is worth it if you want to protect your iPod. Comes in all iPod flavors as well.

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