Hands On With $3,000 Worth Of Flash Drive

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Designed for the person who's never deleted a single file and maxes out their monthly bandwidth limits on torrents, Victorinox dropped a bomb on CES with their new SSD flash drive which will actually be available in capacities up to one terabyte. That's a thousand gigabytes people. Enough to hold like a trillion ebooks or something. (Please don't do the math.)

It's actually the largest flash drive Victorinox has created in terms of its physical size too, but it's still very easy to slip in a pocket or tether to a keychain. It's not like they just slapped their shield logo on an external hard drive and attached a pop-out blade. Read and write speeds are promised at 220MB/s and 150MB/s respectively, and from my personal experience Victorinox's drives have been some of the fastest I've ever used.

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I particularly like that the connector is both USB2.0/3.0 and eSATA compatible, keeping its form factor simple and maximizing transfer speeds. Perhaps a Thunderbolt option might be in the works down the line? And that monochromatic LCD display you see isn't just limited to showing you how full the drive is. You'll actually be able to put a custom message on there, or an incredibly low resolution photo if it suits your fancy.

Because the massively capacious drive will also come with a massive price tag when it officially goes on sale later this year, Victorinox will include a couple of bodies. One with a small collection of tools including scissors and a knife blade, and one that just protects the drive so it remains TSA friendly. The last thing you need is an over zealous agent confiscating everything you've ever saved or downloaded before a flight. [Victorinox]

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If you assume an ebook is around 1MB, A terabyte would hold 1,048,576 ebooks, probably alot more. I would say between 1.1mill and 1.2. The Library of Congress holds around 22.2 million books.

(sorry I did the math)