LG’s added a see-through door to its new Signature line of fridges that lights up when tapped so you can check its contents without letting out the cold. But to save you the strain of actually physically opening the door when you see something you want, a simple foot tap now does that for you.

It’s a feature that first appeared on larger vehicles with lift-gates at the back, where tapping your foot under the bumper let you open the gates hands-free. The feature works similarly with LG’s new fridge. On the floor you’ll see a subtle ‘Door open’ projection, and tapping your foot near it automatically opens the see-through side of the fridge.


The last thing you need when reaching for a snack is to burn any additional precious calories, but the feature is also handy for those times when your hands are full of groceries, or just too dirty to mess up the fridge’s stainless steel finish.


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