Happy 100th Birthday To The Toaster

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The internet loves the toaster. Why? Because it makes toast...which reminds us of breakfast...which reminds us of bacon. So, it is only fitting that we wish it well on its 100th birthday.

Indeed, 2009 represents 100 years since Frank Shailor and General Electric came up with the D12 in 1909. It may look like a major fire and burn hazard, but this device was the world's first commercially successful toaster and it paved the way for the Pop-Tart you had this morning. That's right—without Frank Shailor's invention, nerds would surely starve. [Daily Express via Fark / Image via Jitterbuzz]

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I'm very proud of my toaster. It's a c.1940's Sunbeam T-20 that my grandparents owned since new. I inherited it after they passed away.