Happy 60th Birthday, Woz

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To: The Good Steve. From: Gizmodo crew. Message: Happy birthday, Señor Wozniak. It's not only that you made the world a better place with all your inventions, but you are also the coolest guy in the whole computer industry.


Plus, you are a better dancer than most people here. Except maybe your New York twin brother.

We wish you only the very best in your 60th anniversary.

Illustration by Sam Spratt. Check out Sam's portfolio and become a fan of his Facebook Artist's Page.



100% of my disdain for Apple products can be attributed to Steve Jobs' Mel Gibson-esque level of crazy.

If The Woz was in charge, I would actually consider buying one of their products.

Why? Because The Woz is the creator, the innovator. He made the ideas come to life.

Jobs? He's a good marketer, but he markets to the wrong audience as the one I'm in (read: not a yuppie sheep who feels it's perfectly okay to overpay for a product becau... oooh shiny!) and because he asserts way too much control over products that were purchased and should thus no longer be his property to control.

I should be able to put a porn app on a device I *own* regardless of who made the device.

So, in conclusion to the tldr:

Happy Birthday Woz! You're the only one at Apple who doesn't make me cry.