Happy Halloween from Gizmodo

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Just a little something to set the mood, from Gizmodo and guest artist emeritus, Powerpig. Featured in this picture: 24 undead minifigs, and a Lego Michael Jackson—it's more involved than it sounds.

Though I assumed that the graveyard dance troupe was born of Powerpig's photoshop wizardry, that's not the case: "I had this in mind since Lego came out with the zombie fig in the winter, and picked up 24 of them," powerpig says. BUT WAIT. You can get a zombie minifig? Yes.


You cannot, however, get a Lego Michael Jackson. That's a custom blend: The head belongs to Seso, from the Prince of Persia set, the hair is from a skateboarding minifig, and the red body was borrowed from the Santa Claus that came with last year's Lego advent calendar. The face, though, was added digitally.

He shot the photo right next to his desk, on an outskirt street of a Lego city that grows and shrinks with his mood and brick-needs. Here's a wide shot of the city.


Think I'm giving away too many of Powerpig's secrets? I'm not worried about competition. Even if you managed to perfectly replicate the characters in this bricked-out music video, it still wouldn't look the same. As Gizmodo contributing illustrator Sam Spratt says (often), "nobody lights a photo like Powerpig."


See for yourself at Powerpig's flickr page.