Hard Drive Disk Dying Dance Contest - Day 2

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A quick recap: Hitachi put up some .wav files with the sounds of hard drives gone bad. Gizmodo is offering a sweet Tokyoflash Equalizer watch to the person who uses those sounds to create a song that makes the whole world sing.


The first batch of entries is in. You can give them a listen over at Odeo, or use the RSS feed.

There are plenty of tracks that sound like Autechre, even Ryoji Ikeda. Thankfully a couple of rock tunes arrived before my ears began to bleed.

Please, please, please try to keep your file size in the 3-4 MB range. Remember, the absolute longest your song can be is 3 minutes, but work sound magic in a 1 minute tune and you can win just the same. Here are the rules, for all those who are coming late:

Create a song that includes one or more of the noises from the sound files at the bottom of the Hitachi Global Storage defective hard drive page. The song should be no more than 3 minutes long, and must be in MP3 format. You can send a link to the file, or mail it as an attachment to gizmodobox@gmail.com. You must put DRIVE TIME in the subject line, otherwise I will delete it. You have until Thursday 1/26 to enter.

Axis Bold As Love, my friends.