Unless you’re an endurance racer who spends 24 hours in their vehicle, there’s not much point to sinking a small fortune into a killer sound system you rarely get to hear. But with Harman’s new Voyager Drive, your car’s stereo easily becomes a portable Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere.

Designed for compact, entry-level vehicles that don’t have a lot of room for installing a multi-speaker sound system, the Voyager Drive consists of a six-speaker dashboard unit with a removable self-powered speaker that wirelessly connects to smartphones over a Bluetooth connection.


About the size of a small pizza, the Voyager Drive’s pop-out dashboard speaker can’t compare to the sound produced by a luxury ride’s OEM sound system, but it’s vastly superior to your smartphone’s speakers if you find yourself on the beach in need of some tunes. But if you still demand more, the optional Voyager Drive+ is a removable bass box with a dock for the wireless dashboard speaker that gives you a full-range portable speaker system when out of your ride.


Pricing details for the Voyager Drive haven’t been revealed, but it sounds like Harman will be exclusively selling the system as an OEM solution that car makers can offer as an optional sound system upgrade, so it will be up to them to set the pricing.