Harry Potter eBooks Are Finally Available Today

Since its launch, Pottermore has failed to do the obvious and sell Harry Potter ebooks. For crazed Hogwarts fans everywhere, though, the wait is finally over; now you can read about wizards on your Kindle.

Pottermore's ebook store launched today, offering up English-language version of all the novels. Editions in French, Italian, German and Spanish will feature in a second wave.


The site claims the ebooks work with all dedicated e-readers, tablets and mobile phones. The first three novels—the shortest ones—are priced at $8 each, while the final four, which are much longer, go for $10. Or, you can by the entire back catalog for $58. If you're a crazy fan.

All of which is great, if rather insane. There cannot be any other publication or franchise on the planet that could get away with a dedicated system like this to sell just seven books. About childhood wizards. Well done, J.K. [Pottermore via Wall Street Journal]

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yay, and only two years after everyone and their brother has already downloaded them illegally because they weren't available legally. That seems like a super intelligent business model....