Has Comcast Lowered Their Monthly Usage Limits?

We known for a while that Comcast's "unlimited" broadband is actually not so. The monthly usage limit seemed to be near 300GB before, but reader Ace says that he got a nasty phone call warning him that his usage is in the top one percent of residential plans, and it's pissing on everyone else's internet funtime (unless he gets the more expensive business plan, natch)-yet he says his usage is only about 150-200GB a month.

Kinda interesting, since their own metered broadband plan is rumored to run up to 250GB (read why metered broadband is bad). Has anyone else gotten hit with the hammer at a lower rate of usage like Ace here? Tell us, we wanna know (or any other Comcast dirt, please send it to tips@gizmodo.com)! [Thanks Ace! - Giz's Comcast Coverage]


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