Have trouble balancing your social life with your internet obsession? Trying to use gadgets to woo someone? Want to con your boss into buying you a laptop? Curious about Mark Wilson's personal life? Ask me.

Hello, I'm Gizmodo's Adam Frucci, and I want to help you. If you have any social technology questions, I'll deliver you an expert answer that you can count on.*


Send in any questions at all to me at adam@gizmodo.com. I'll answer them on Sunday. Send in any question you'd like and I'll take a stab at them. I can't guarantee I'll answer every single question, but I'll do my best. If you have super-techie questions, however, they may be better suited for Matt and Giz Explains.

But hey, try me. I'm here for you, after all.

*Adam Frucci is not a certified expert.