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The latest tracks are live at Odeo, and there are some choice cuts on the playlist. Although to be honest, I'm beginning to think the same three DJs are submitting tracks over and over again. I guess that's just the nature of having tools like ACID, Ableton and Garageband on every desktop. There is some damn impressive work in the mix, though. So cue up the sound of hard drives in crises, and have yourself a dance party. And remember: "There are various noises that may indicate a failing hard drive. If you are experiencing any of the noises, please contact the technical support center at: 888-426-5214"

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 1/26 at 10PM EST. The prize is pictured above. Here is the deal, for those who missed it the first two times around:

Create a song that a includes one or more of the noises from the sound files at the bottom of the Hitachi Global Storage defective hard drive page. The song should be no more than 3 minutes long, and must be in MP3 format. You can send a link to the file, or mail it as an attachment to You must put DRIVE TIME in the subject line, otherwise I will delete it.


May the scratch be with you.