Helio Stores And Kiosks Closing Soon, Company In Trouble?

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A tipster told us that the talks between Virgin Mobile and SK Telecom/Helio are going nowhere, with Virgin backing out unless there's some sort of bankruptcy declaration or huge liquidation. Our tipster says that Helio's corporate stores and kiosks will be closing very soon, which is backed up by similar info from Engadget. They say that there's no merger between Helio and Virgin, and that customers might just be moved over to Virgin's network.

When we called up Helio stores, their people sounded like they were reading off a script, or that they've gotten a memo, and were trying to convince us that they shouldn't worry if Virgin takes them over. So in essence, Helio customers won't be plan-less if Virgin does take over their customers-you'll just be making out your checks to Virgin instead of Helio.