"Her" Chair Is Not For Him...Hopefully

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Disney's Cinderella painted a pretty picture of a perverse scene—only the one girl in all the land with the perfectly-proportioned foot could fulfill the prince's grimy foot fetish. So you can consider the Her Chair a modern Cinderella equivalent...if Cinderella were to have dropped an ass-molded plastic chair during her race against midnight.


A sexier take on the influential Danish design of Verner Panton, just make sure that Cinderella doesn't gain any weight, or the fairy tale is over. [casamania via trendsnow]


I couldnt find a picture of the front of the chair and website was in italian, so i cant tell how detail the mold is in the front, but I think if it was a good fit and you sat on it in summer heat a vapor lock would form, not allowing you to get up.