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HERE Maps' iOS App Will Challenge Your Google Maps Loyalty

Illustration for article titled HERE Maps iOS App Will Challenge Your Google Maps Loyalty

Here Maps, finally loosed from the confines of Windows Phone, has been trickling out on other mobile operating systems for the last few months. First Samsung, then Android. Now, iOS finally gets this scrappy underdog in the maps app fight against Google Maps.


HERE Maps claim to fame is its awesome offline maps, so you can make sure you're not completely lost without an internet connection. If you tried the old HERE Maps years ago and hated it, make note—this is not the same app. The HERE team admits in a blog post that the old busted app was based on HTML5, which was its ultimate downfall. This new app is completely redesigned and has every navigation feature you could need.

As of this post, the HERE team says they're having some iTunes uploading issues, but the app should be in the store soon. Go ahead, give it a try. [Nokia via Engadget]


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