Here's each of the 5,179 on-screen deaths in Game of Thrones

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The best way to catch up with Game of Thrones before Season 4 starts? By watching this amazing supercut of every single on-screen death in the series so far. Made by Digg Video, it's a bloody gore-y mix of swords, spears, arrows, bare hands, etc. ripping apart flesh and ending human life. There's a total of 5,179 deaths in the series. Not that much, right?


Spoiler alert, obviously.

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You can also go the other direction in a sense. The movie The Killing Fields retold the story of death on a massive scale (and the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge which obliterated 2/3rds of the population).

While the results of death were everywhere the movie itself only protrayed less than 10 deaths and many of them were off-screen.

Not a criticism against GOT.