Here's Google's Response to Your Privacy Anger

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Google's decision to consolidate all of the data it collects from all of us has the internet spooked. After Congress decided to knit a brow in the debate, Google wrote up this official response. Read its self-defense case here.


The congressional letter, which we should consider directed at ourselves as much as any government official, sticks to the standard Google line: We're tracking you more efficiently to "improve your experience." Whether or not you buy that won't change Google's stance on it. Yes, they're making it easier to create a comprehensive profile of who you are online. Yes, you can opt out of some of of it. Yes, you're free to go use Bing if you'd like. Yes, the idea of Google using your YouTube searches to serve better-customized ads is creepy.

There's nothing revelatory here, but this is Google's broadest Well, actually response in the entire matter.

Google Letter Re Privacy Policy

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Other than a handful of articles on the Gawker network of sites, I haven't seen any anger, or rage, or anyone being spooked by this. This is such a non-issue, I really don't understand the amount of coverage this is getting.

Maybe I should think some about this




yup, still ok with search results from a previous youtube query showing up in a similar google search. In fact, if this improves video searches on google, and such, then I'm all for it.