Here's Hoping Home Is More Than Cheap Jokes And Pretty Animation

So, the trailer for DreamWorks Animation's Home came out the other day. It's... interesting, to say the least. The movie is pretty to look at with the potential for a solid core story. But at the same time, it also features questionable voice acting by Rihanna and Jim Parson's single-shtick nerd-show. Both have their lines where the characters come alive and feel unique, but they also have their fair share of cheap gags and awkward acting.


On top of that, with what we already know from Almost Home and the movie's source material, The True Meaning of Smekday, the story seems muddled. Will it follow its roots and be about Tip and Oh's journey around the country, or is it about the Boov hunting down Oh for being annoying? The chase scenes in the trailer aren't very encouraging for the former, but I'm hoping that's just the product of poor trailer-making. The book's story is interesting and engaging, but this movie doesn't seem there yet. We'll have to wait to see.

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