Here's How To Get Your Dick In a Museum

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Your dick just might be the next star of the art world, and this month is its chance to make its artistic debut. You just have to sext a photo to artist Karen Finley to use in her upcoming installation "Sext Me if You Can" at New York City's New Museum.


The New Museum describes the interactive exhibit as an "erotic exchange with the artist—bound by the rules of commerce—[that] transforms into a lasting and collectible work of art." So, sure, it's about the public display of our private digital habits. But to be clear, it's about also tits.

Here's how you can be a "participating patron:" From May 23-26, purchase access to a private phone number in the New Museum store to which you send Finley your dick pics. Your hoo-hah will serve as inspiration for a painting or series of paintings that Finley will display in the New Museum lobby. At the end, you can take home the penis painting to display in your own personal collection, along with bragging rights that your dick was once in a real museum. [New Museum via Animal]


Eric Siedlecki

As a generally shy, and somewhat modest human being, I'm sort of tempted to send a dick pic in. Am I normal?