Here's What a 500-Pound Knife Does to a Used Toyota

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What’s a team of giant robot designers supposed to do between Maker Faires and mecha battles? Build giant knives and smash shit with them, of course.

The people behind Megabots have been leading the drive to make giant fighting robots a thing for a while now, with the big USA vs. Japan battle finally going down in August. In the meantime, the group is most likely running their robots through a Rocky-style training montage while killing time around the workshop. With an old car sitting around waiting to go to the junkyard, they decided to pull out a 500-pound knife they custom built a while back. You can see one of their robotic creations break things with the giant knife here, but this is the money shot (in time-saving GIF format):


But as sweet as that shot is, it’s not why we’re here. We’re here to see a crane and gravity work together to stab the life out of a first generation Toyota Prius. That’s exactly what you’ll get in the video below. It’s satisfying, but not oddly satisfying. Just satisfying.

[MegaBots Inc]