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Resourceful Knife Maker Proves You Can Turn Aluminum Foil Into a Terrifyingly Sharp Blade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’ve all had to improvise when realizing we’ve run out of clean dishes. A pot becomes a bowl, a ladel a spoon, but finding a substitute for a sharp kitchen knife requires a little more effort. As long as you’ve got a roll of aluminum foil on hand, and some unmatched knife-making skills, however, you’ll be able to avoid washing dishes for yet another day.

Japan’s most resourceful knife-maker is back with a new DIY project that uses actual metal instead of food to fashion a makeshift blade that not only looks like it came from a high-end kitchenwares store, it also cuts like it, too. As with Kiwami Japan’s previous creations, a mastery of knife sharpening is used to create a finely-honed edge that cuts like a razor, and while the aluminum’s definitely not going to stay that sharp for long, the important thing here is finding yet another workaround to loading the dishwasher.