Here's What Chicago Sounded Like After the Cubs Won the World Series

As native son Bill Murray predicted, the Cubs’ 108-year curse was broken last night after taking the World Series title against the Cleveland Indians. It was some damn fine baseball to behold.

So implausible was the idea of a Cubs win that the mere suggestion of it was a joke. Back to the Future II and Parks and Recreation both mocked the near-future possibility of a Series in Chicago’s favor, as did a commercial for MLB ‘12 which showed a lone Cubbies fan sobbing in front of his TV. But the impossible has happened, and this is what it sounded a mile away from Wrigley Field shortly after the victory.

Where’s all that noise coming from? Fans who couldn’t afford the tickets crowded in front of the stadium despite having a view of nothing but the building’s facade. Even some of the horsecops seem happy.

Dreams come true, people. Dreams come true.


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