Here's What Chicago Sounded Like After the Cubs Won the World Series

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As native son Bill Murray predicted, the Cubs’ 108-year curse was broken last night after taking the World Series title against the Cleveland Indians. It was some damn fine baseball to behold.


So implausible was the idea of a Cubs win that the mere suggestion of it was a joke. Back to the Future II and Parks and Recreation both mocked the near-future possibility of a Series in Chicago’s favor, as did a commercial for MLB ‘12 which showed a lone Cubbies fan sobbing in front of his TV. But the impossible has happened, and this is what it sounded a mile away from Wrigley Field shortly after the victory.

Where’s all that noise coming from? Fans who couldn’t afford the tickets crowded in front of the stadium despite having a view of nothing but the building’s facade. Even some of the horsecops seem happy.

Dreams come true, people. Dreams come true.

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It was similar for the Red Sox in ‘04.

The (now ex-) wife and I were watching at home, and were about 15 minutes behind on the DVR. It was the start of the ninth inning for us when all of a sudden the entire neighborhood erupted into a giant party. People were screaming, fireworks were going off, horns blowing. I turned to my wife and said “Well, I guess we won!”

I almost never go for National League teams, but was really hoping the Cubs pulled it off. As a fan of a team that had the second longest championship drought, I know how the Cubs fans felt and what they’re feeling now. I’m glad they got to experience it. Now it’s time for the Indians to win it next year for their fans.