Here's What the New Kermit the Frog Sounds Like—What Do You Think?

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Earlier this summer, Steve Whitmire, the man who had performed and voiced Kermit the Frog since the passing of creator Jim Henson, was fired. It was a complex situation that ultimately meant one thing for fans: a new Kermit was coming. And, today, we finally got our first listen.


The debut was quietly revealed in a seemingly innocuous piece of social media. Disney (which owns The Muppets) confirmed that this is, indeed, Matt Vogel—the new voice of Kermit, voicing Kermit publicly for the first time.

Knowing it’s Vogel and listening for a difference, you certainly hear one. It’s not spot on to what we’ve been used to hearing for almost 30 years. But it’s also clearly still Kermit, and really that’s the most important thing.

Let us know what you think of the new voice below.


*Correction: Disney owns The Muppets, not The Jim Henson Company, which was originally stated.



I was a Gen 1 Muppet fan. I watched the tv show in first run in the ‘70s. I even watched Sam and Friends, which featured Jim Henson’s proto-muppets, on local DC tv in the early ‘60s. And of course I’ve seen all the movies. I’m glad they’re still trying, but in truth it was never the same after Jim died.