Herman Miller Setu Chair Is a Poor Man's Embody

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The new Herman Miller Setu is certainly not the Herman Miller Embody. But then again, its $650 price tag is not the Embody's $1600. And for a good reason.

The reason for the price difference is that—even while it's comfy and has great design—it is not designed to work for long periods of time. It's much better and comfortable than a normal multi-purpose chair, however, even while it is supposed to be a multi-purpose chair. And what is a multi-purpose chair, are you asking? It's a chair that can go anywhere—from a work desk to a conference room—made for people who don't sit for 12 hours in a row. Like me and my cubic butt. Yes, twelve hours in a row. Some of them even naked. Let that thought sink now—it'll make sense through the day.


The Herman Miller Setu will be officially announced on June 15. [Otto via Fast Company]