Hey, Did You Know There's a Google Latitude iPhone App Now?

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Initially, there was fear that a Latitude app would be confusing to people who use Google Maps. Not for the Japanese, however, who had a brief taste of the app before it got pulled. Can we expect one soon? [TechCrunch]

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I don't know anyone who uses Google Latitude and I don't see why it needs a standalone app. It could be integrated with Google Maps easily enough. If they tied it in so it updated Latitude any time you found your location in Google Maps, while giving you absolute and incredibly specific control over who sees your location, then that would be fine. It could simply be another layer in maps that shows your friends' locations. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't seem all that interested in bringing the Maps app up to date. For the time being I just have FoneHome update my Latitude location when it polls the servers in order to keep my phone trackable.