Hey Look The World Didn't End Today

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Testing, testing. Anyone there? If you can see these words, you'd have survived the great 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. Congratulations! You're all still alive! It's now 12:00 AM on December 21st 2012 and everything seems to be still ticking.


Aside from some people trying to use today's fauxpocalypse as an excuse to get laid, Australia has been doing okay all day and the Earth is still spinning. Our phones and computers and tablets still work, the Internet is still up and it's just like any normal day—except the Mayans are all laughing at us from the heavens for ever believing that the world would come crashing down on December 21st 2012 (if only for a second).*

*If the apocalypse really happened, we are eternally grateful that you decided to visit Gizmodo to read about it. We would have totally kept you updated on everything. Since it didn't, let's all remember the last time some crazies freaked out about the world ending and laugh at them. Yep, the Rapture!



Who said it would happen at midnight? We've still got all day to explode/implode/zombify/burn/freeze.......