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Hey Microsoft, Don't F*ck Up Windows Phone 7

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dear Microsoft, you did a good job at out-Appling Apple with the Windows Phone 7. At least on paper. But instead of trying to beat them completely, it seems that you want to screw it all with two stupid decisions.

The first one: Eliminate application multitasking. After making fun of Apple's iPhone for not supporting multitasking, you are exactly following Apple's task model... just when it seems that they are bringing multitasking with iPhone OS 4.0.


Let me get this straight: The biggest smartphone on the planet, the one you are trying desperately to beat, may implement multitasking in its next revision, and you decide not to do it? Even if multitasking doesn't materialize in the iPhone OS 4.0, don't you think it would be good to come up with a way to allow it, and introduce your smartphone as the better alternative? No? Yes? Maybe? Come on.


And then... then there is copy and paste.

You and your fans didn't just make fun of the iPhone's lack of copy and paste—which lasted until iPhone OS 3.0. You just couldn't stop laughing and pointing your finger at it and doing faces and sticking your tongue out. But now, when it's your turn, you are not including copy and paste. Please, allow me to try to put this to you as mildly as possible:


Are you out of your fucking mind? What kind of fuckassery is this, Microsoft?

I know that the actual release of Windows Phone 7 is still months away. I know that things are not final yet. And I know that you may change your mind because there's nothing to win here except a big brown paper bag full of hurt and hate. So please, please take these blunt reasoning and expletives into consideration.


And don't fuck up Windows Phone 7. The market needs the competition.

Lots of love,